All 6 Lynne Flanagan Movies In Order — All The Best (And Worst) Films To Watch Online

Elizabeth White
3 min readMay 22, 2024


Discover your next must-watch film with our roundup of Lynne Flanagan’s movies — a collection of unforgettable scenes, gripping plots, and unmatched performances. Whether you’re a fan of heartfelt dramas or action-packed thrillers, Lynne Flanagan has something for everyone. Explore the full roster and embark on a cinematic journey you won’t soon forget.

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1. The Lady from the Sea (1961)


The year is 1961, and in a small coastal town, a lighthouse keeper’s daughter named Marion leads a life of marital opportunity. Surrounded by the ever-present sounds and whispers of the sea, the tide of her past is always present, waiting to pull her back. Little does she know that her past lover, an enigmatic sailor who stole her heart, will soon make a reappearance, sending shockwaves through her life.

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2. Light me a Lucifer (1962)


“Light me a Lucifer” (1962) is an Australian comedy film that brings humor and lightheartedness to the topic of Satan’s visit to Sydney. The story revolves around Satan’s agent, who proposes an idea to bring him to the city, and the unfolding hilarity that ensues.

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3. Stork (1971)


“Stork” is a 1971 Australian comedy that will have you laughing until your sides hurt. Set in the vibrant world of hippie culture, this film tells the story of a gangly, awkward young man who becomes fixated on sabotaging the wedding of his two flatmates and their vivacious, beautiful girlfriend. With slapstick humor and a touch of “ocker” comedy, this hilarious film takes you on a wild ride as its characters navigate love, friendship, and the challenges of growing up.

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4. Alvin Purple (1973)


“Alvin Purple, “ released in 1974, is a quirky and humorous Australian comedy film that pushes the boundaries of its time. The movie follows waterbed salesman, Alvin, as he seeks the help of a psychiatrist to deal with his overpowering attraction to women. Throughout the film, Alvin’s encounters with the opposite sex unfold in a series of outrageous and comical scenarios.

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5. Petersen (1974)


Dive into the world of “Petersen, “ a gripping 1974 Australian drama directed by Tim Burstall and written by David Williamson. Jack Thompson stars as the lead character, an electrician and former football star, embarking on a degree in English at university.

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6. Blue Fire Lady (1977)


“Blue Fire Lady, “ a 1977 Australian family drama film, explores the complex relationship between a father and daughter, as well as the love and passion for horses. Directed by Ross Dimsey and written by Bob Maumill, the movie stars Cathryn Harrison, Mark Holden, and Peter Cummins.

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